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Next to me

Right now, its 10.42am, 23rd of December, 2011. She is laying next to me, on my left hand side. Laying there basking in her perfectness, gently breathing as she enters her 10th hour of sleep. I cant use words to descibe how I feel about her, I often think about if we hadnt met, would I be better off? Because I know one day she will get tired of my jokes and move on and the hurt that will come from that will out weigh my will to care about the rest of the world. We both woke up earlier together, she smiled at me with her perfect little, dimple boarded smile, leaned across and kissed me, softly. Shortly after she rolled back over and went to sleep. I listened as her breaths turned from short, controled bursts of dictated oxygen curculating her body to long, relaxed, involantary releases of pure beauty. Call me gay but it was magic to listen to! I decided to get up, I walked across the street to but her flowers, I bought her a mix of orquids. I put them in the place of the previous ones I bought her, 22 days ago, one our first date. Im not going to make a fuss over the new flowers, I just thought 22 days is too long to go without spoiling her for no reason..

Lets see the reaponse when she wakes up..

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